CBash – Confused about proxy bidding?!

We know that eBay is SO 2004, so many of you are confused about our proxy bidding system. Please see the following to get an idea of how it works:

Say for example, an item is on auction with a starting bid price of $11.25.

If bidder A places a bid of $20.00 for the item, our system will start his bid at $11.25 and bid up to $20.00 automatically on his behalf.

When bidder B visits the auction, he sees the current bid price as $11.25. If bidder B decides to place a bid for $13.00, he will be outbid immediately by bidder A, and the new minimum bid will be $14.00. In order to outbid the first bidder, he would need to bid at least $20.01.

If bidder B places a bid for $20.00, which matches bidder A’s maximum bid amount, then bidder A would still be the high bidder, but the new minimum bid would be $21.00.

Does this make sense? We hope so. If not, please send an email to

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